Heartland ​RestaurantPowerful. Scalable. Feature-rich point of sale. From online to prep line, streamline your restaurant operations to keep customers coming back.
One Unified Restaurant Solution ​
−Point of Sale
−Self-Order Kiosk
−Online Ordering
−Guest Application
−Gift & Loyalty

iPad & Cloud based Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale

  • Formally known as MobileBytes
  • Free Online Ordering through web browser or iOS and Android mobile app
  • Free Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • Heartland Restaurant iOS POS app continues to operate through Internet outages
  • Free Self Service Kiosk
  • Customer Facing Display
  • Table-side ordering and table-side payments with signature capture
  • Driver dispatch module with mapping for delivery
  • Host wait list management module with text messaging
  • Built in Employee clock in & clock out with photo verification
  • Easy access back office for setup and reporting
  • EMV Credit card Processing
  • 24/7 Support and much more!
  • For more detail or to try a demo please visit Heartland Restaurant POS page on our main website at 

Dinerware restaurant POS software was created to help bars and restaurants run smoothly – from the restaurateur’s point of view. Our vision is to make hospitality POS radically easier to use and more reliable, while constantly innovating and supporting an open platform for integration. 
Dinerware’s intuitive user interface lets you spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time with your guests, and our solid technological platform ensures high reliability you can count on. Dinerware is highly flexible and accommodates many types of service environments. For example, fine dining restaurants have different needs than bars or cafes. Whatever the type of establishment, Dinerware helps staff and managers complete tasks efficiently in the way that works best for them—and their business.

Dinerware Restaurant Point of Sale

  • Transfer tickets to other users, Change tables, Customize ticket names, Split checks, Share items,
  • Integrated credit and gift cards Customize guest check formatting
  •  and contents 
  • View countdown item portions remaining, Use manual override to order items as necessary 
  • Automatically calculate overtime pay Edit timesheets from any terminal Employees show red when close to overtime 
  • Access more than 70 built-in reports Instantly access daily reports 
  • Hide taxes for over-the-bar transactions, Create taxation rules (surcharges, thresholds, GST taxes) 
  • Create custom menus for certain jobs Select whether choices are optional or required, Reuse choices in as many sets as you like
  • Print choices in red, Group similar items on kitchen prints Route prints based on job
  •  24/7 Support and much more!  
  • For more detail or to try a demo please visit Dinerware POS page on our main website at 

pcAmerica Restaurant Pro Express(RPE) is a great restaurant pos software package at a shockingly low price.
Improve your restaurant. Computerizing is the easiest way for you to see an instant increase in how much money stays in your wallet. Getting a system pays for itself. Call for a free consultation.
Computerizing your restaurant has never been easier. pcAmerica/Heartland Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) is the POS software of the 21st century. It was designed with the restaurant owner in mind. The incredible ease of use makes teaching new employees how to use the software a breeze. Servers can be trained in less than one minute. Want proof? Call us today for a walk through of RPE.

PCAmerica Restaurant Pro Express(RPE)

  • Inventory Management, Ingredient Tracking, Menu Management
  • Back Office Management Reporting
  • Customer Database, Loyalty Promotions
  • Employee Management, Time and Attendance with labor scheduler
  • Quick Book Integration, Salesperson commissions tracking, Account Receivable, Generate purchase Order
  • ID Scanning, verification for liquor\tobacco
  • Weight scale NTEP certified
  • Equipment and video rentals
  • EBT and Food stamps
  • Discounts, coupons with detailed reporting
  • Bar Code Express for label printing
  • Exception Tracking Functionality
  •  24/7 Support and much more! 
  •  For more detail or to try a demo please visit Restaurant Pro Express page on our main website at  

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