pcAmerica Cash Register Express Version 13 with Free Remote Install and Training

Heartland pcAmerica Cash Register Express is a Point of Sale  Software. Cash Register Express (CRE) works in almost any retail and  restaurant environment.

PC AMERICA, SINGLE STATION, PROFESSIONAL EDITION OF CASH  REGISTER EXPRESS (CRE) with FREE over the phone install and 1 hr expert  training

  • Cash Register Express point of sale (POS) software streamlines your  retail operation, automating many tasks, and gives you more time to  focus on your customers — and to stand out from your competitors
  • Tracking sales and inventory, renting videos and equipment, creating  membership accounts, look ups by category, and managing your store's  books are just a few of the features of pcAmerica Cash Register Express.  CRE is designed to handle Multiple Clerks and Multiple Cash  Drawers with ease! Processing credit cards can be done quickly and  efficiently using fast EMV (chip and pin card) Payments
  • CRE offers Advance Inventory Maintenance, Bar Code Scanning,  QuickBooks Integration, Reporting, Weight scale NTEP certified &  IDscanning. Scan data integration for tobacco products. Label and Shelf  Tag Printing with add-on module Barcode Express, Employee maintenance  with Time Clock, Gift Cards, Loyalty and much more
  • CRE also offers advance add-ons modules with affordable monthly  price which includes web portal, mobile manager, NitroSell, On-cloud  portal, reward+. These add-ons helps delivering fast, efficient  checkout. CRE also enables you to operate in one or multiple physical  locations with web-portal. You can access customer and product  information from POS system or mobile device to provide personalized  service, make more effective up-sell offers, track inventory, manage  schedules and generate reports.

pcAmerica Cash Register Express for your Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale 

Heartland PcAmerica Cash Register Express for Retail Stores,  Convenience Stores, Hair Salon, Grocery Stores, Apparel Stores, Rental  Stores, Liquor Stores, Dollar Stores, Clothing stores, Electronic  stores, Bakery, Auto shops, Laundromats, Supermarkets, Indian grocery  stores, Pizzerias and pizza stores, Café, Ice cream shops, Package  stores, Cooking stores, Boutiques, Vape shops, Repair shops, Deli and  many more

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