Corner Store POS Single License with Free Remote Install and Training

CORNERSTORE POS, SINGLE STATION LICENSE with FREE over the phone install and 1 hr expert training

Corner Store POS is a point of sale software developed by International Point of Sale for single store mom and pop business owners who want to ring up sales accurately, track inventory, keep tabs on their employees and process credit and debit cards in compliance with new Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.

  • Corner Store will allow you to ring up a sale with ease by scanning barcodes, or pressing hot buttons on the touch screen. There is detailed inventory tracking, employee permissions, and customer tracking with preferred discounts.
  • Comprehensive Point of Sale Functionality- Increase efficiency in Business Operations Sales Invoices, cash receipts, rentals, trade options, loyalty programs Quick search items/customer lookup Real time information on inventory Pricing features-Deposits options, taxable/non taxable button, cost and price listing
  • Purchase includes CornerStore POS download link, Getting Started manual and a valid registration storeid/password

CornerStorePOS for Retail Stores

CornerStorePOS works for Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, Dollar Stores, Cafe, Ice cream shops, Package stores, Deli and many more

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