POS Features by Restaurant Type

Fine Dining

Order Entry and Ticket Handling

  • Transfer tickets to other users
  • Change tables 
  • Customize ticket names
  • Split checks 
  • Share items 
  • Apply payments to other users’ tickets 
  • Repeat previously ordered items 
  • Hold (and release) menu items to the kitchen 
  • Use on-screen keyboard to add special requests 
  • Change price or quantity of an item
  • View ticket details with Ticket Status
  • Display Tickets are stored forever - ideal for tabs or catering 

Menu Management

  • Dinerware features multiple location support 
  • Add unlimited menu items 
  • Add unlimited screen categories 
  • Add unlimited choices (modifiers)
  • Place items into multiple screen categories 
  • Create custom menus for certain jobs Select whether choices are optional or required 
  • Add one or multiple choices 
  • Reuse choices in as many sets as you like 
  • Generate additional remote prints using choices 

Table & Bar Tab Management

  • Item counts and prices are dynamically generated,  managers can hide taxes for over the bar transactions, or create tax rules. 
  • Easily split bills and pre-authorize customers’ credit cards for bar tabs.
  • Create and setup seating for customers requesting reservations. 
  • Replicate your restaurant floor plan on your POS
  •  Split a bill evenly, by item, or manually input amounts for each card 
  • Allows Table side ordering
  • Visual table timer. Easily identify what stage of service each table is in with color coded timers.

Advance Reporting

  • Access more than 70 built-in reports
  • Instantly access daily reports 
  • Print on receipt printers, and preview on screen 
  • Database stores all information permanently 
  • Track audit trail of items sold 
  • Create reports from all data with unlimited history 
  • View reports on screen 
  • Save reports as PDF, Excel, .csv, .rtf or other formats See, access and use the underlying data

Employee/Labor Management

  • Create unlimited jobs. 
  • Automatically calculate overtime pay Edit timesheets from any terminal
  • Employees show red when close to overtime 

Kitchen Management

  • Print choices in red 
  • Group similar items on kitchen prints
  • Route prints based on job 
  • Sort tickets by seat position 
  • Printers can be assigned multiple roles 

For Restaurants Of All size and type


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